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Sunday, December 31

Packers at Lions Lions

Texans at Colts Colts

Bears at Vikings Vikings

Jets at Patriots Patriots

Redskins at Giants Redskins

Cowboys at Eagles Eagles

Browns at Steelers Steelers

Panthers at Falcons Panthers

Bengals at Ravens Ravens

Chiefs at Broncos Chiefs

Raiders at LA Chargers LA Chargers

49ers at LA Rams LA Rams

Bills at Dolphins Bills

Cardinals at Seahawks Seahawks

Saints at Buccaneers Saints

Jaguars at Titans Jaguars

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So you have always wanted to bet on the National Football League, but maybe you are a little scared to do so. You are scared to bet on the league, because you are not sure how it works, or not sure how well you would do. Before you start betting on any sport, especially if you're looking to do some pro football bets, you should know a few tips. Here is four tips for betting on the National Football League this season!

1. Follow Trends
This may sound easy, but it’s going to be important that you not only follow the trends in the National Football League, but also REALLY know what these trends mean. Follow the trends and bet with them. If a trend is highly pointing one way or the other, go with it. On the other side, if a trend is pointing AGAINST something in the league - bet accordingly. Make sure you follow the trends with all games in the National Football League.

2. Check Injury Report
It’s very important to follow the injury report in the National Football League. First, a ton of players are going to be questionable for a game, but make sure you know whether they are going to be in the game or out of the game. As you know from following the National Football League, some injuries mean much more than others. If some big injuries occur, it may be easy to bet against that team. Follow the injury report, and try to stay on it before the oddsmakers can.

3. Know the weather
Weather is a factor in the National Football League. Some teams are good at playing in cold weather. Some other teams enjoy playing in warmer weather. Often times, wind and rain are the big factors for this in the National Football League.Know, and understand what each team has done with or against certain weather aspects. Bet accordingly. If a team is horrible in the cold, bet against them, as they are bound to keep that trend moving.

4. Know tendencies
When you are looking at the games for the National Football League, know the tendencies of each of the team's you are going to bet on. Does one team enjoy passing, while the other is horrible at pass defense? It could be vice versa for the run game. There are several ways tendencies in the National Football League will play a big difference. This can also mean individual match-ups. A certain quarterback may be extremely poor against a certain defense, or a certain style of defense. These are things you need to know in the National Football League.

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There is nothing worse than a team coming off a last second loss. A loss that simply could crush your season. Every year we see a handful of these games. An example would be a team coming in with a ton of hopes of winning the game, maybe even a home game. Or a team coming off a huge win, and playing in a huge game. - Then, those teams come away with a loss. The loss can be by 20, by 50, or my 1. It’s a demoralizing loss. The biggest question for a bettor is - how do you handicap the team that came off the demoralizing loss. Let’s discuss some of the betting tips you can implement and take a look a few things that you should consider the next time you make a bet.
How to Handicap Teams Off a Demoralizing Loss

The first thing you need to ask about such a bad loss - who are they playing in the next game? If the opponent is a team they should roll over, the demoralizing loss may not matter much. Look for a slow start maybe, but in the end, we know the talent should win out more than not. If it’s a big rival; it may not matter as well, because they are going to be ready to go, no matter what. Ask yourself who they are playing and take that into account when handicapping the game.

Why did the demoralizing loss happen? Was it something that the team should be able to take care of or is it something that will continue to linger? In football; is it a bad defensive play, or was it just a fluke way to lose the game. Check out why the loss happened, and take a look at how they can fix it and evaluate whether they can fix it or not.

Ask yourself - is this the first time this type of loss happened to this team. If it’s something that happens often, we know where to go in this game. The team may just not be that good. If the team gave up too many points again, and this is not uncommon - this team is just not a very good defensive team. The matchup for next week may not be something you want to deal with.

Does their next opponent look much like the one they just lost to. Now, not always can teams adjust come back and win the next one against a similar team. Look at the makeup of the new team they are playing and take that into effect when you are getting ready to make the bet.

Finally - how did they react to the demoralizing loss? Some teams are better than others at this type of loss. Some teams say the right things, and move on well. Some teams have a tough time, and many times you can tell in interviews with the team and coaches. Keep this in mind before your next bet.

There you have it. Those are a few tips to help you handicap a team that is just coming off a demoralizing loss. Best of luck, and enjoy sports betting!

sports betting

There is a time and a place for betting on longshots, or as many betting aficionados would call them, big underdogs. Part of betting on the National Football League, or any sport is knowing when to bet and how to bet. Just because there are odds and spreads that seem impossible to cover, that does not mean it is a good idea to bet on them or ignore them all the time. Here is a look at the optimal strategy for betting on longshots:

Ride the Hot Team
The first option to look at when you are betting a big time underdog or a major longshot would be if a team is red hot, and riding under the radar. Make sure, you are keeping track of what it is going on with these teams, and how well they are doing. But, obviously red-hot streaks can come to an end quickly, but betting on a hot team is always a great idea. It’s not going to be extremely likely that a red hot team is a betting longshot, but if you find one - here is a good chance to hit some wins on it. Watch Player Transactions

The second strategy you can try is to bet on a longshot that may have acquired a new player. As we have all seen in the world of sports, sometimes a new player can jolt energy into a team. Vice Versa, on the other side, keep an eye on the transactions prior to a game to ensure all players are in action. Player movement can certainly change up how results will go, and this is a great way to beat the bookie. Optimal strategy for betting longshot #2 - keep eye on transactions, and bet accordingly.

Look for Home Team Longshots

The final strategy we want to present is a longshot on the road. It is MUCH more likely to happen that a longshot or underdog at home will win rather than an upset on the road. It’s not easy playing on the road, and you can take a quick glance at history to see that. If you find a team that is at home, and is a longshot to win, at least give them a long look as a team to bet on.

There you go! There are more ways that will help you bet on a longshot or upset, but these are the three most common, and the three that are most likely to help you win. In the end, keep your eyes and ears open for any information that may help you along the way. Best of luck with all your betting and good luck with those longshots!

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